How to Gain A Competitive Advantage

How would you like to gain the competitive advantage in everything you do? Those of us who like to compete generally don’t have a problem with this, and yet others do, often because they are afraid of competition, they don’t like it, or it goes against their view of themselves and their personalities. Nevertheless, we live in a competitive society, and you must compete to succeed. Nothing good in life is ever easy they say, but if everything was easy it wouldn’t be worth very much either. Let’s talk a little bit about gaining the upper hand, or competitive advantage in some of your personal endeavors.

Sun Tzu sure has some extraordinary exhortation; “know thy self and thy foe, and in 100 fights you will win.” That’s entirely solid counsel would it say it isn’t? Some state that conscience is a terrible thing, and I thoroughly oppose this idea. You should confide in yourself, yet in addition know your restrictions. You should know about your feelings of trepidation, and which of those apprehensions are false, and which are genuine. You ought to likewise know your opposition; how they think, how they respond, and what their focal points are going into the challenge. As a sprinter in olympic style sports, I was frequently going up against the clock. I knew how the clock worked, and it was unsurprising, I likewise recognized what its preferences were over me. I knew my quality, and my shortcomings, and I willed my body to push past those breaking points.

In rivalry everything matters, you need to comprehend the space, field, or region. You have to know your rival’s alternatives, plausible moves, and a smidgen about karma. You should consider ahead of time a great result and work towards that objective, continually hoping to win, however never underestimating it. Regardless of whether you come up short on the focused edge, that doesn’t mean you can’t win. You should expect that your rivals have learning that you don’t, and even information about you. You should work to have a similar information about them. No, I didn’t state this was simple, however that is the stuff to have the upper hand.

Presently at that point, there are others angles to an upper hand particularly in group activities. There is a cooperative energy which is included when you have a solid group. Groups work better together the more they practice together, and the more they see each colleague’s qualities and shortcomings. Moreover, misusing the shortcomings of the other group, or while limiting their qualities will give you the upper hand. At that point there are issues with having an arrangement, a methodology, and keeping up ease and readiness. There are issues with double dealing, shrouding, and playing outside the typical domain of the game. In the event that you’d like to examine any of these ideas or thoughts at an a lot higher level you may give me an email. Up to that point, I trust you will please think about all think and think on it.

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